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For adding words to the emotions in you

A box to say all things left unsaid and more

For the sarcastic millennial in you

A box of quirks for the millenials in love-hate friendships

For those who live for all things chai

A box of handpicked premium tea bags and all things chai

For the addicts who just can’t do without a cuppa caffeine

A box of premium coffee blends and all things unchai and other quirks

For the souvenir loving fans of the nation

A box of India-based products that make the best going away gift

For the folks who live for the unexpected

A box of handpicked items based on a set of questions answered by you

For the aspiring chefs and home cooks

A box of unique kitchen products to kickstart your masterchef journey

For those who actually love their jobs

A box of utility based desk products to make one stand out at work

For the aspiring interior designers/home makers

A box of tasteful products to add a trendy vibe to one’s space

For all the floofy doggos out there

A box of toys and treats for all the good boys and girls out there

For the lovers of all things festive

A box for Indian festivals, wedding favors/ invites and gifts

For the nerdy peeps and geeks around

A box of reading essentials for those who befriend their books

For the hobos who work and live for travel

A box of travel quirks to solve most wanderlust problems

For the Picasso hidden in every child

A box of art and craft essentials for children aged below 10

For those who love to create things from scratch

A box of creative tools for those who love to make things from scratch